Say The Name (Taylor's Version) - A Seventeen Keyring
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Say The Name (Taylor's Version) - A Seventeen Keyring

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Like the law of nature, it's inadequate if a fangirl has never linked her K-pop guy with the melodies of The One and Only, young lady miss Taylor Alison Swift. That's what made us think of making a taylor swift lyrics keychain with a member of one of the mega star super idol groups, Seventeen.


- Cheol's Labyrinth : Choi Seungcheol x Labyrinth from Midnights (2022) 

- Jeonghan's Style : Yoon Jeonghan x Style from 1989 (2014) 

- Joshua's Lover : Joshua Hong Jisoo x Lover from Lover (2019) 

- Call It What Jun Wants : Moon Junhui x Call It What You Want from Reputation (2017) 

- Hoshi's Dress : Kwon Soonyoung x Dress from Reputation (2017)

 - Treacherous' Wonwoo : Jeon Wonwoo x Treacherous from Red (Taylor's Version) (2021) 

- Woozi Is Fearless : Lee Jihoon x Fearless from Reputation (2017) 

- Mingyu's Daylight AND Mingoo's Daylight : Kim Mingyu x Daylight from Lover (2019) 

- Hao's Mirrorball : Xu Minghao x mirrorball from folklore (2020)

- DK's Spark : Lee Seokmin x Sparks Fly from Speak Now (2010)

- Seungkwan's Hoax : Boo Seungkwan x Hoax from folklore (2020) 

- Vernon's Paper Rings : Chwe Hansol x Paper Rings from Lover (2019) 

- Dino Belongs With Me : Lee Chan x You Belong With Me from Fearless (Taylor's Version) (2021)