[Papillon's Sisters] PREORDER Zero O'Clock Bracelet

[Papillon's Sisters] PREORDER Zero O'Clock Bracelet

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[Estimated production time: 10 Days]

This bracelet is inspired by the song sung by BTS, entitled Zero O'Clock. I think that the use of 00:00 is intended to represent the turn of the day and hope for a new, better day.
This song has interesting lyrics.
"Sad no reason, heavy body, everyone seem so busy and competitive. Can't take another step. World like already leave me, all the bad things happened to me."
"Just like the snow that just piled up, just take a breath like the beginning"
"And you're gonna be happy."

This YT content might help to better understand this song and this bracelet from a psychiatrist's point of view: https://youtu.be/Bw1upeiTaGo

00:00 is the turn of the day in various parts of the world. This bracelet is also inspired by the white and gray of BT21 character named Van which represents ARMY. Why is the color of the  body has different colors symmetrically? To describe the time difference in different hemispheres. If one hemisphere has day, the other hemisphere will experience night.

Sometimes life is hard and tiring, but hope for a good and happy day can be an encouragement. Just remember this part of this lyric "and you gonna be happy".

Material: Golddust stone - White onyx