[Papillon's Sisters] PREORDER Winter Flower Bracelet

[Papillon's Sisters] PREORDER Winter Flower Bracelet

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[Estimated production time: 10 Days]

Winter Flower Bracelet
Inpired by - Younha ft RM-Winter Flower
This bracelet was inspired by the song Winter Flower by Younha ft RM
Plum Blossom in the snow, Camelia, Daffodil, yeah you can call me whatever you want.
Listen carefully, winter
You made me bloom
Now I will send forth my blue aroma with my branches
I’ll show you that there’s another sky
I’ll call forth the autumn that was once like you
Lirik di atas diwakili oleh blue flower glassbeads pada gelang ini
A Light that spreads white it's frozen sun (cube cristal)

This song is about how everyone struggles, feels alive in a marathon and to the point of exhaustion. The white onyx stone represents the expanse of snow during winter. White onyx stone is also known as a stone whose white color is able to reduce fatigue, relax, fight negative energy, give encouragement, and as a symbol of being ready to start new things.

For me, the word "Pieonagil Barae" which means may it bloom is mentioned at the end of the song many times is a form of good prayer for those who are struggling to bloom. May we all always be enthusiastic and happy.
This song is told us about how is everyone fighting (works and life) until they feel like in marathon and exhausted or tired. White onyx stone as a form of white snow in the winter. White Onyx stone are famous as stone that the white color can push down tiredness, make s relax, fight negative energy, give spirit, and ready to start new things in life.

For me, "Pieonagil Barae" which mean hope you are bloom sound repeatly in the end of song is kind of word prays to them who are fight to grow and bloom beautifuly someday in their life. I hope all of us are always be good and be happy.

Materials : White onyx - White cube ceko - Round flower glass beads - Spacer - Rubber