[Papillon's Sisters] PREORDER Autumn Bracelet

[Papillon's Sisters] PREORDER Autumn Bracelet

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[Estimated production time: 10 days] 

Inspired by BTS Autumn Leaves song
BTS's broken heart song also tells how sad the heartbreak they experienced, described through the depiction of autumn. From the lyrics in the song, I like the beginning of RM's rap the most:
Modeun nagyeobeun tteoreojideusi (Like all the dry leaves fall)
Yeongwonhal deushadeon modeun geon meoreojideusi (Like all the things I thought would last forever are leaving)
Neoneun naui daseot beonjjae gyejeol (You are my fifth season)
Neol boryeo haedo bol su eopsjanha (Even if I try to see you, I can’t look)

Swarovski 5 petal flowers in a pale yellow color are used to describe their loved ones, which are mentioned as the 5th season, whereas we know there are only 4 seasons including autumn. I want to use this pale yellow color to describe something they are trying to see but they still can't see because it's too pale.

The selection of Swarovski leaves to describe the fragile autumn leaves and analogize their fragile love which they tell in the song. Autumn Rose is a message that I want to convey personally through this bracelet, that a gloomy autumn is still a good season so that it can change to the next season. May the broken hearts and love that make you fragile today, will make you stronger in the face of other wounds, find new love or even the strength to heal yourself and others.

Materials : Orange sodalite - Brown flower aventurine - Peach agate - Flower&leaf swarovski - Rope