Mini Set Of Linen Spray BTS
Time To Twinkle

Mini Set Of Linen Spray BTS

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This Mini Set of Linen Spray is a mini version of the Time To Twinkle linen spray (100ml) whose scent is inspired by the perfume used by each member♡

Linen Spray can be used as a fragrance for bed sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains, clothes, and other things made of linen so that it smells similar to your bias ✧ ゚.

There are 7 pieces of mini linen spray in one set which contains a different fragrance from each member

  • Suga (Summer Bliss)
  • Jimin (Orange Blossom)
  • Jin (Deep Forest)
  • RM (Floral Musk)
  • V (Morning Rain)
  • J-Hope (Fresh Spices)
  • Jungkook (White Floral)

5ml / pieces