[Epilogue Studio] Photocard Holder
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[Epilogue Studio] Photocard Holder

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Presenting our very own Photocard Holder, designed by Epilogue Studio:

7,5x10 cm acrylic photocard holder, available in 3 versions:

💗 Color Pop ver. from HYYH Series
Cute, vibrant, and colourful design. Printed in a checkered pattern of green & white, with a rounded rectangle shape to frame the photocard. Around it are a variety of shapes in hot pink, showing iconic songs from the HYYH albums. Matching pink beads are added on top with a heart shaped hole. Printed on the back are the chinese characters of HYYH and our brand signature. The rectangle shaped hole allows easier slide of the photocard.

🤍 In The Mood For Love ver. from HYYH Series
Elegant, minimalistic, monochrome. Printed in a broken white color, with layered oval shapes to frame the photocard. Decorating the frame in black printing are little stars and a lyric excerpt from 'Run'. Beads are also in black to match the monochrome. On the back is printed 'In The Mood For Love', along with the HYYH chinese characters and our brand signature. The rectangle shaped hole allows easier slide of the photocard.

With every purchase of HYYH Photocard Holder and/or any other HYYH Series products, will include:
- HYYH Series signature card
- HYYH photocard (*will be put inside the photocard holder)
- Random 1 out of 2 HYYH artprint

💌 To Remember You By ver.
Made out of acrylic in white, rectangle shaped and 7.5x10 cm in size. Red beads will be included through the hole. An oval shape to frame the photocard, with little emojis of love adorned around it. On the bottom is written a message that continues to the back, "i'll be here waiting for you, because you know where to come home to." A promise that no matter what, we will always find each other again.

Each photocard holder comes with:
- 1 special OT7 To Remember You By photocard
- Random 1 out of 7 To Remember You By postcard