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Agust D D-Day Oversized T-Shirt
Epilogue Studio

Agust D D-Day Oversized T-Shirt

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Welcome to the new era of SUGA/AGUST D. The merging of two identities into one, a temporary glitch that becomes a part of a whole. This is an ongoing series dedicated to his story, since his dawn, until his D-Day.

So as we prepare for the show in Jakarta, let us present:


Oversized T-shirts

💵 175K (+10K for sizes XXL & 3XL)
Available in size M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL

Clean and sharp. Oversized cut t-shirt made out of cotton in broken white. Printed in black on the front is a pair of eyes, one of them slashed, a distinction belonging only to Agust D. On the back is a lyric that singlehandedly highlights the meaning of "D-Day", a chant to live on.